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Unique Solutions for Complex Jobs – Saskatoon’s Certified Mining and Construction Sales and Rentals

Photo by Studio D Saskatoon

Photo by Studio D Saskatoon

In the mining industry, time is money. No company understands this better than Saskatoon’s Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals. “Our name is no accident,” says Garry Clarke, Certified’s President and Owner. “We’re ‘Certified’ because that’s how we operate. Each and every piece of equipment we offer is physically tested and certified for use onsite or underground immediately.” It’s this certification process that makes Certified stand out in the market it serves. This is not your average equipment rental company by both design and reputation.

Knowledge Equals Better Service

Two workers walking in yard at Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals

Photo by Studio D Saskatoon

Customers can experience the Certified difference with their first point of contact. When a customer calls inquiring about equipment, Certified’s staff are trained to ask the right questions to determine the customer’s needs. “We ask questions to determine exactly what you’re looking for, and to ensure that what you’re asking for is actually what you need,” says Clarke. “Once we know the entire situation – what you need to do, where, and when – then we can guide you to the right piece of equipment for the job.”

The questions asked are also part of Certified’s commitment to health and safety. The company’s team are trained to think about safety every day. “For us, safety starts with the request,” says Clarke. “Everything we sell or rent has consequences. The wrong piece of equipment for the job or equipment placed in untrained hands could cause serious injury – or worse.” Staff are continuously trained to make sure they stay current on everything the company offers, what it’s for, and how to use it.

The company prides itself in not only having everything their customers need, but they also have the knowledge on how to use it properly and safely. The Certified team can operate every piece of equipment they carry and they can train users too. They write the procedures for use, provide demonstrations and even send consultants to jobsites for hands-on training. “We’re able to do this because we understand the work our customers do,” says Clarke. “Our procedures and training are also an important part of our commitment to safety.”

Certified & Safe

Worker checking equipment at Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals

Photo by Studio D Saskatoon

Not only does Certified provide the equipment, it’s also job ready. All equipment is tested and prepared for each job every time. Certified ensures that equipment will fit where it needs to go – like down a mine shaft -and will work with you to determine how to get it in place for use. It’s also prepared to ensure that it either meets or exceeds the regulations for use onsite. This process sets Certified apart from its competitors. “We’re not a ‘pick-up-and-go’ rental company,” says Clarke. “Most of the time, we exceed the regulations. We never want a customer to complain that our equipment was not ready for work immediately.” Every tool and machine is ready for the job when it leaves with the customer, every time.

Certified is also proud of their rigorous testing process, something they are always willing to demonstrate to customers. “Testing is an integral part of what we do every day,” says Clarke. “We test every piece of equipment before and after every job to ensure it’s working the way it should be.” A year ago, the Certified team demonstrated the importance of testing on a customer’s job site. The results were astonishing to the company’s management and workers. “We took our testing equipment to the field and showed them exactly how well their rigging products were working,” says Clarke. “Since then, they recognize why we do what we do in terms of testing, and they trust every piece of product or equipment we supply.” The testing process also ensures that what Certified sends out is ready for work and safe to use.

Health & Safety Matter

Another pillar of Certified’s commitment to health and safety is representing RDH Mining Equipment, an Ontario manufacturer on the front lines of battery operated mining equipment “Battery operated mining equipment is a game changer. It means improved air quality underground which is a health benefit to the workers not being subjected to the diesel particulate,” says Paul Cranford, General Manager. “These machines don’t produce emissions, which is a huge benefit to mining companies.” Zero emission means that sites can use more equipment underground without having to upgrade ventilation systems. “Diesel powered machines are a drag on ventilation, and can reduce efficiency because of the amount of air required to keep them running.” says Cranford. Finally, RDH Mining Equipment is both high quality and dependable – all of which is important to the bottom line. In addition to becoming the distributor for RDH, Certified has recently become the distributor for two other well known tool and equipment brands: welders and compressors by Red-D-Arc and air chain hoists by JD Neuhaus.

Worker checking equipment at Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rentals

Photo by Studio D Saskatoon

The company can also handle more unusual customer requests. Certified is home to a fleet of specialty equipment you won’t find anywhere else, and handling extraordinary jobs is par for the course. Specialized material handling, moving equipment and hard-to-find tools is another cornerstone in the Certified experience. “We had a mining customer call looking for bolt-to-wall anchor plates. They were having a hard time sourcing the product,” says Cranford. “We literally have pallets of them – certified, tagged and ready to go.” If you can imagine the perfect piece of equipment for a job, yet you’ve never seen it anywhere, Certified probably has it or can design and build it.” Cranford cites another example of their innovation: “A different mining customer was searching for a solution to pull a buried remote control scoop out of a stope.  We sent our mining people to assess the situation. From that assessment, our in-house personnel designed, engineered and drafted a drawing to provide a solution for the problem. We had all the equipment needed in-house to fabricate what was required to pull the scoop out, including d-plates, sheaves, wire rope, skid, apex plates and shackles. We put this package together, sent it to the mine and within a day of set up they were pulling the unit out and were successful in doing so.  The client was extremely happy with our solution and the finished product performed as expected.”

Another new product provided by Certified is a wireless camera for inspections.  Able to record, zoom and pan, these cameras can be attached to cables and guided into areas where you cannot or should not send a person, such as a damaged mine shaft.  If need be, Certified can provide trained personnel to operate the camera. It’s just another way Certified stays ahead of the curve for their customers.

Part of the Community

Photo by Studio D Saskatoon

As part of the Northern Strands Group of Companies, Certified is dedicated to improving lives both on and off the worksite.  As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Certified is a major supporter of the Children’s Wish Foundation.  Throughout the year, the staff participates in regular events, such as summer barbeques, to raise funds to grant the wish of a child with a life-threatening illness.  They also support many community endeavours throughout the province, such as the Agrium Delisle Rodeo and U of S Canadian Mining Games Student Team.

Serving Saskatchewan, Canada and the U.S., let Certified show you what they can do for your operation. Certified is more than just an equipment rental company and customers discover the Certified difference with the very first phone call. No matter the tool, machine or equipment you need, Certified will not only meet but exceed your expectations in service, quality and safety. “We take pride in what we do every day,” says Clarke. “We understand the industry we serve, and we know what customers need to keep working efficiently and safely day in and day out. It’s that simple.”

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