Strike Oil in Weyburn

Having endured an extended decline in the price of oil and a marked disruption in the industry, the oil and gas sector in Saskatchewan is slowly moving towards a brighter horizon. As a major promoter of the sector in the province, the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas show is ramping up for its 2017 event happening June 7-8 in Weyburn.

The purpose of the biennial show has been centered on establishing an opportunity for companies involved in Saskatchewan oil and gas to meet and promote their services, technologies, and specializations for the industry. As the show has evolved, it has also become a very important forum for information. The show regularly draws important speakers who share valuable perspectives on the state of the industry and Saskatchewan’s place in it. An important theme of the show is that Saskatchewan is no longer a basic producer, but prepared to become an important industry actor, in North America and globally. Saskatchewan has the resources below the ground as well as above it to make this a reality.

Historically, the show would be long sold out by this time, but this year’s attendance has not yet met that level due to the industry’s lull. Tanya Hulbert, the show’s manager points out that, in slower times such as these, the exhibitors that are attracted to the show are motivated to build new business, learn and engage as many contacts as possible. Lean times produce incredible opportunities and this year’s show is promising to be an event that the Saskatchewan oil and gas sector can’t miss.

The show is also a great opportunity to bolster public awareness. Attendance is free and anyone can come down to the Weyburn Exhibition Grounds and walk through the displays. It is important that Saskatchewan residents are familiar with the industry. The more information and shared knowledge that exists, the better off the sector will be. When people understand the issues and importance of the oil sector in the province, better decisions can be made to ensure the health and viability of this industry.

Finally, the recreational aspects of the show are not to be overlooked. There are several longstanding events that accompany the show including: the traditional Exhibitors Golf Tournament on Day One and the Steak & Lobster Dinner on Day Two. Anyone who has attended an oil and gas exposition knows how much fun they are. Whether in Saskatchewan, Alberta or abroad, the shows bring together a hardworking group of people that enjoy mingling, seeing old friends and learning about the ever-changing and challenging nature of their industry.

If you’re interested in Saskatchewan’s potential in oil and gas, this is your opportunity to engage with some of the province’s key players. There are bright spots emerging for the oil and gas industry in the province and there is no better time to ensure your stake in the boom than during the bust.

For show information, contact Tanya Hulbert – Show Manager, Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show by phone at 306-842-3233 or visit oilshow.ca.