Fortune Favours the Brave: Audacity YQR

Regina is home to many entrepreneurs, creating successful ventures that not only make their mark in Saskatchewan but also across the country and around the world. However, a problem was identified within all this success: no one was talking about it. Regina (and Saskatchewan) is also home to people that are humble. People don’t talk about their good fortune and success without a lot of prodding and even then, they’re a bit embarrassed at the attention. While it’s great to be humble, it also creates silos and spaces where aspiring entrepreneurs can feel alone on their journey.

It’s time to talk about it.

Economic Development Regina started work on how the city could better support new and existing businesses and identified several issues it could address to bring the city’s quiet entrepreneurial spirit to the surface. “It became obvious that we needed something to rally the community around and celebrate the remarkable success that exists here,” says Kirk Morrison, Director, Events, Conventions, Trade shows & Entrepreneurship at Economic Development Regina. “We asked how we could bring entrepreneurs and the community together to ‘show off’ our city and its entrepreneurial drive.”

It’s time to get audacious.

Audacity YQR is the rally point for the strategy and the movement designed to propel Regina into the entrepreneurial limelight. “We needed a way to get people talking and celebrating our city, and Audacity YQR is the means to do that,” says Morrison. “We have ongoing social media campaigns, events and promotion to create the buzz our city needs to bolster the entrepreneurs here and to attract more.” Launched earlier this year, Audacity YQR is grabbing attention from every part of the community. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to share their stories and reach out to the Council and EDR with questions, advice and more. It’s catching on quickly, and awareness and appreciation for the businesses and people doing remarkable things in Regina is building. “We need to support each other in our endeavours, and celebrate our successes,” says Morrison. “When that happens, we all do better and we encourage more success. It’s a win for everybody.”

To learn about Audacity YQR and the Greater Regina Area (GRA) Entrepreneurship Strategy, visit audacityyqr.ca.