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Calgary’s Blackline Safety lands deal with U.S. firm

Photo provided by Blackline Safety.

Blackline Safety Corp. has announced it has a new $2.7 million, four-year contract with a Houston-based upstream energy company.

The U.S. energy firm chose Blackline to supply 800 G7c cloud-connected wearable safety devices, 40 EXO cloud-connected area monitors, and 75 G7 Docks – and marks a switch from their long-time supplier.

“The customer evaluated Blackline’s connected safety devices in comparison to products from their long-term supplier. It took less than a week for G7c to stand out for its broad connectivity range, and the ability to see where their lone workers might be in imminent danger so they can make sure their people are safe,” said Sean Stinson, president and chief growth officer at Blackline Safety on Feb. 9. “The company was also impressed with the EXO area monitor’s ability to monitor rigs, tank batteries, and wellsites during repair and maintenance operations. With no power, Wi-Fi, or infrastructure requirements, EXO’s drop-and-go setup is exactly what they were looking for.”

Blackline’s G7c safety device is the “world’s first 3G-connected gas detector with integrated, as-it-happens lone worker monitoring and evacuation management tools” and the G7 EXO is the “industry’s only direct-to-cloud area gas monitor.”

“We unseat the competition because Blackline products set the standard for the safest lone worker solution on the market,” said Stinson. “We’ve innovated a stagnant industry and elevated the bar to keep workers safer than they have ever been.”

Blackline Safety is a IoT (Internet of Things) technology company supplying connected safety devices and predictive analytics to organizations around the world, with headquarters in Calgary and Colchester, United Kingdom and offices in Houston, Lille, France, and Dubai, UAE.